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Active scanner

Active Scanner.

"Sending out a triggered pulse of high-frequency magnetometric waves and interpreting the results with an uplinked on-board computer, the Active Scanner gives ground units a snapshot of enemy positions. Projection nodes set at specific angles on the hand-held device, generate a vectored impulse capable of extracting objects from high-noise environments. Feedback from the pulse is filtered to reduce ambient clutter and pinpoint targets lacking IFF signals.

Though the amount of energy required to produce the blast is much greater than its on-board power source can readily generate, the Active Scanner makes use of redundant J-24 micro-capacitors to circulate and build the charge up to the required output. The resulting delay between activations is a small price to pay for the enormous tactical advantage the device provides its user."


The Active Scanner allows the user to scan a limited area for enemy infantry, vehicles, equipment, and instillations. When an area is scanned, any detected enemies or equipment will be visible on the HUD and RADARs of everyone on the scanner's team. If the scan profile of an enemy or object is small enough, they will not be made visible by your scan.

When a target is scanned they will be notified "You have been scanned", or "SCAN ATTEMPT PREVENTED" if their scan profile is small enough. If an enemy resists a scan, the user will be notified that the scan has "SOME MARGIN OF ERROR".

The Active Scanner has unlimited ammunition.


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