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Assault Rifle New Art

Assault Rifle Concept art.

"Conceived by Duvolle Laboratories, a corporation best known for its ceaseless R&D, the G75-VLB solves many of the problems inherent in mass-manufactured plasma weapons. The result is a weapon that offers improved accuracy and greater containment field stability (which equates to faster, longer bursts of fire) than anything in its class.

It is a magazine-fed, short-to-mid range weapon offering fully automatic fire. Charged plasma munitions are pumped into a cyclotron that converts the plasma into a highly lethal bolt before it is expelled from the chamber. Upon impact with the target, the magnetic field surrounding the bolt collapses, venting superheated plasma onto the contact point."


The Assault Rifle is one of the most basic weapons in DUST 514. A handheld blaster, the assault rifle is a jack of all trades weapon.  Its ability to deal damage at many ranges proves a strength for the weapon.

The Assault Rifle has both Kick (causing the reticule to jump around and gradually get bigger, reducing accuracy) and Dispersion (where accuracy is lost as distance between the target and the attacker increases), although both of these can be reduced by training in Assault Rifle Operation and Assault Rifle Sharpshooter, respectively.

As a Hybrid Weapon, the Assault Rifle has a +10% damage bonus to shields, and a -10% damage penalty to armour.


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  • Despite being Gallente in origin; all militia dropsuits (regardless of the originating empire) come with an Assault rifle as the standard primary weapon.
  • Krin's SIN-11 Assault Rifle, an officer weapon, can overheat after continuous fire (expending between 60-64 rounds without releasing the trigger). This is the only Assault Rifle observed to be capable of overheating.
    • When the Krin's SIN-11 Assault Rifle overheats, it jams until it has cooled, there is no feedback damage.
  • The Assault Rifle is part of the Original Set of weapons from DUST 514.


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