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Combat Rifle

Combat Rifle.

"A gas-operated, short-barrelled weapon, the combat rifle is a semi-automatic weapon well-suited to both short and medium range combat. Classified as a light support weapon, it is typically employed in target-rich environments: The high volume of fire produced enables operators to engage multiple targets in rapid succession, while the weapon’s extended range keeps the operator just beyond the threat threshold of most standard assault rifles.

It's advanced bullpup configuration reduces weapon weight and improves manoeuvrability, making it the ideal crossover weapon for urban and field combat. The modular design has more practical advantages as well: cheap to maintain and easily replaced if damaged, it’s one of the most reliable weapons in service today."


The Minmatar Combat Rifle is designed for mid to long range engagements. It has a lower recoil than equivalent rifles, and most models are equipped with an ACOG-style scope. It tends to suffer at closer ranges due to its tight spread.

As a Projectile Weapon, the Combat Rifle has a +10% damage bonus to armour, and a -10% damage penalty to shields.

There are TWO main versions; Assault Combat Rifles, and Combat Rifles. Assault Combat Rifle versions have fully automatic fire, slightly less damage, slightly less accuracy, and no scope, being more effective at close range, while the regular Combat Rifle versions have 3-Round Bursts, ACOG Scope, better damage, and better accuracy, making this version better at long-ranges. Because of the rates of fire between the models, they are better in different elements. It could be potentially dangerous for users of the Combat Rifle to be cornered, because of the lower rate of fire, however, if they have a fast trigger finger, they could possibly kill enemies before they kill them, while the users of the Assault Combat Rifle could find themselves hard-pressed against long-ranged enemies from the lack of the scope.


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