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Drop Uplink1

Drop Uplink.

"The drop uplink is a slave transponder, a short-range tether that produces the precise spatial coordinates necessary to generate a localized wormhole, traversal of which allows the user to travel short distances instantly. Highly experimental, the process is excruciatingly painful and exposes organic tissue to excessive radiation, resulting in accelerated cellular decay and, ultimately, death."


The Drop Uplink serves the purpose of a deployable spawn point. They are a vital part of Skirmish and Domination, more-so than other game modes; due to the ability for a team to deploy rapidly from a tactically favourable position (such as an area with heavy cover, a hidden location, or (in domination) being able to spawn at the objective).

When deployed, Drop Uplinks emit a throbbing sound, and pulses of light periodically come from the device, making it easier to spot, they can also be detected by Active Scanners.

Drop uplinks can only spawn a limited number of troops before they decay; additionally, they can be destroyed by small-arms fire and grenades (Flux Grenades in particular). Only a limited number of Drop Uplinks may be carried.


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