Caldari HAV940

A Caldari HAV

In-Game DescriptionEdit

"The Heavy Attack Vehicle (HAV) serves as an anchoring unit for many planetary engagements, fulfilling its role as a long-range and heavily armoured unit. Equipped with thick and resilient armour plating and high-capacity shielding systems, it is a tenacious defensive vehicle, able to withstand persistent onslaughts from entrenched enemies."


The HAV is a very tough, powerful, and potentially very expensive weapon platform designed for suppression and battlefield dominance.

There exists a psychological aspect to the HAV's presence; inexperienced players, or those who rarely encounter such vehicles might become reluctant to advance into an area where an enemy HAV lies in wait. By the same token, the presence of a friendly HAV can inspire infantry to charge into enemy positions under the lead of the HAV's heavy weapons and high damage resilience.

Assisting an HAVEdit

Although HAVs are very tough, they are not -as their commanders may try to lead you to believe- indestructible. An HAV relies on close infantry support to counter anti-vehicle units or even other HAVs.

If an HAV has moved to a secluded area, and shows no indication of moving, this is most likely because the driver wants to extract it before it is destroyed by AV units; people in the gunner seats prevent this from happening, so get out and let him save the tank for later.

Destroying an HAVEdit

Although many infantry are tempted to use their small-arms against HAVs, such actions rarely contribute to anything other then making that infantry a target. Only try to attack an HAV if you have the appropriate equipment: AV-Grenades, Flux Grenades , Swarm Launchers, Forge Guns, and Remote Explosives.

Be aware that infantry supporting the HAV will likely try to stop you before you can inflict serious damage to it, so time is of the essence.

Dropships can be very effective against HAVs, as they can fly directly above it, too high for the gun to track, from there, the Dropship continuously assaults the HAV until it either retreats or is destroyed.


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