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Nanite Injector

Nanite Injector.

"The nanite injector delivers an active helix directly into the bloodstream of the downed victim, whereupon individual subunits work to suppress the pain response, repair tissue and organ damage and re-establish regular cardiac rhythm. If administered in time, first-phase resuscitation (defined as ‘minimum-essential combat functionality') is typically achievable, though some psychological trauma is to be expected."


The Nanite Injector is used by an operator to revive Incapacitated mercenaries. The injector will only work if the body has not been terminated (the victim's body will expire after 30 seconds, and can be destroyed by sustained damage or re-spawning). When an incapacitated victim is in the vicinity, anyone carrying a Nanite Injector will still see the health bars on the HUD and mini-map showing their location. The incapacitated victim must press X to Call for Help in order to be revived, which changes the victim's health bars into a flashing Nanite Injector icon, alerting mercenaries with Nanite Injectors that the victim is willing to be picked up. Additionally, the victim will be notified if there is a triage unit in 40 metres of their location, and how far away the closest one is.

When administered, a portion of armour and shields will instantly be regenerated (between 30%, 50%, and 80%, depending on how advanced the injector is).

The Nanite Injector has an unlimited number of injections. The operator cannot use it on themselves.

Completing Caldari Faction Battles will earn State Peacekeeper Loyalty Points which will allow you to obtain the Kaalakiota Nanite Injector, which gives a 100% armor and shield repair. [CITATION NEEDED]


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