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A Nanohive (un-deployed).

"The nanohive is one of the most advanced pieces of battlefield technology to date, able to convert formatted matter from its limited internal stores and reorganize it into any kind of ammunition. When a soldier approaches, the nanohive receives an automated request from the Cortex Holographic Interface instructing swarms of self-replicating construction nanites to begin producing whatever type of ammunition that soldier requires.

The device itself is composed of three major parts: a composite carbon polymer shell, heavily shielded to prevent potentially disruptive ambient electronic interference; a low-level replicator assembly housing the initial seed swarm; and a C11 power core capable of producing class-one containment fields, confining the nanite swarm as it replicates to its maximum sustainable mass. There is, however, no central computer; each nanite is born with a complete set of instructions on how to create every known variety of ammunition round."


The Nanohive is a deployable ammunition factory (and some versions also function as a medical station). When deployed, anyone on the operator's team will be able to retrieve ammunition (and regenerate armour in the case of triage variants) once they are in the Nanohive's operational range.

When deployed, Nanohives emit a very loud pulsating sound, accompanied by an expanding sphere of bright blue light (which indicates the device's operational range), making them very easy to notice (even at long distance), they can also be detected by Active Scanners.

Nanohives can only dispense a limited quantity of ammunition (or armour repair) before they decay; additionally, triage variants will only resupply ammunition to a particular person after their armour HP is full. Regenerating armour HP, requires the Nanohive to consume 3 times as many nanites as normal.

They may be destroyed by small-arms fire and grenades (Flux Grenades In particular). Only a limited number of Nanohives may be carried.


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