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Rail Rifle

Rail Rifle.

"Part of Kaalakiota's Stahl line of weaponry, the rail rifle is a fast-firing precision weapon designed for field operations where penetrative power and range are paramount. Developed using the corporation's proprietary microscale technology, the rail rifle solves oversaturation issues endemic to sustained fire electromagnetic weaponry. However, it's greater range and power are offset by a smaller magazine capacity and lower rate of fire than similarly classified weapons.

The foregrip design aids stabilization and remains cool to the touch even during prolonged discharge where the barrel can exceed mean operating temperatures. Featuring a reinforced subassembly and compact, heavy-barrel design, the rail rifle is the premier fully automatic microscale weapon available today."


The Caldari Rail Rifle is a mid-to-long range weapon with a high accuracy and low rate of fire. It requires a small pre-fire charge before it can be fired. Due to the very high accuracy and long effective range, the Rail Rifle excels at these distances, however, it tends to suffer at close range due to its low rate of fire and charge time. It is fitted with a high zoom fidelity holographic sight.

As a Hybrid Weapon, the Rail Rifle has a +10% damage bonus to shields, and a -10% damage penalty to armour.


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