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In-Game Description[]

Submachinegun concept art.

"Favouring function over form, the SMG is a lightweight, full automatic weapon designed for close-quarters combat. What it lacks in stopping power and accuracy it grossly overcompensates for with quantity. Designed to injure and impede, the hailstorm of bullets the SMG produces is most effective in tight spaces against multiple targets.

This original design is a paradigm of Minmatar construction. An inelegant but reliable weapon solution that is simple to produce, easily repaired using almost any available materials, and provides comparable pound-for-pound performance with similar sub-automatic weapons was a result of this design. Although an unabashedly low-tech weapon, it excels at what it was designed for: killing anything right in front of you."


The SMG is one of the most popular side-arms in the cluster, thanks to its large clip, ease of use, and the extremely high Rate of Fire. Although designed as a side-arm, many mercenaries will carry SMGs in both weapon slots in order to fully exploit the easy-to-use killing power this gun possesses.

The SMG's ease of use primarily derives from its high spread and high Rate of Fire, reducing the difficulty in scoring multiple hits in a very short time-frame, which makes up for it's low damage per shot.


  • Militia
    • Militia Submachine Gun
  • Advanced
  • Prototype
    • Six Kin Submachine Gun
    • 'Construct' Six Kin Submachine Gun
    • 'Spitfire' Six Kin Submachine Gun
    • Boundless Breach Submachinegun
    • Ishukone Assault Submachine Gun