Firepower on the BattlefieldEdit

"Handheld weapons are a key part of any multi-player shooter and DUST 514™ is no exception. Players are able to use different classes of weapon in different load-outs so that they can make meaningful tactical choices and respond to changing situations on the field of battle. There are three basic weapon classes: side-arms, light weapons and heavy weapons.

- From the DUST 514 Website

Weapons come in several different varieties and fall under 4 distinct fitting categories, each with their own strengths, weakness, and Damage Types:


These are small explosive devices that can be carried in addition to regular weapons. All dropsuit classes can use grenades.

List of current grenades:


Sidearms are backup weapons for when your primary weapon has run out of ammo, or is not effective against your target. All dropsuit classes can use sidearms.

List of current sidearms:

Light WeaponsEdit

Light weapons form the core of fighting weaponry; and are the most commonly seen and diverse sets of weaponry on the battlefield. All dropsuit classes can use Light Weapons.

List of current light weapons:

Heavy WeaponsEdit

Heavy weapons are highly specialized weapons designed to excel at killing large numbers of enemies or single, heavily protected vehicles. Only heavy dropsuits can use heavy weapons.

List of current heavy weapons.

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